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Leadership & Talent Management

MS Leadership's global practice focuses on helping organizations ensure there is a suitable amount of "leadership talent" being developed at multiple levels to ensure their long-term succession needs. These services ensure our clients instill a "talent mindset" among its culture, where every senior executive must develop high-potential leaders to power the organization's future growth.

Research has shown that companies that have integrated talent management and succession planning systems have significantly better fiscal outcomes than companies that do not. The best way to build a pipeline of talent is to begin to evaluate talent early and to continue to build and develop that human capital as they move through the organization., we help organizations design, implement, and carry out the systems necessary to build executive-level talent. Using this paradigm, we can assist with succession issues at all levels of the organization. In our experience, the most successful approaches to leadership development are structured around consistent processes. The belief of MS Leadership Systems is that it takes time to promote growth and to achieve developmental goals. As a result, our leadership development process spans a two-year timeframe and incorporates a number of key elements: assessment; feedback; development planning; and coaching & mentoring.

MS Leadership Systems customizes development programs for leaders at all levels. While our leadership development process remains essentially the same, the methodology is tailored to reflect job challenges and career plans for different levels of leaders in different organizational contexts.