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HR Strategy

Our HR consulting services enable companies to confront complex business challenges head-on. We:

  • Create and manage retirement programs that help you extract maximum value from your investments
  • Design and deliver health plans that rein in costs, protecting your bottom line—and your people
  • Help you improve the performance of your workforce and solve the complex HR issues arising from organizational change
  • Provide tailored employee communication services to help ensure that our solutions succeed

Our people and our experience give companies the resources to overcome virtually any HR challenge. And that's an idea that resonates; we’re the recognized leader in every facet of benefit plan design. We literally wrote the book on flexible compensation. We created the first and most frequently used tools to measure and compare benefits and total rewards. And we were first to help organizations quantify the economic value of their human capital. We're a world leader in HR, the one company capable of providing fully integrated HR solutions. Our consultants leverage the vast amount of data we gain through our outsourcing services and original research to develop unique solutions—backed by facts, not hunches—to your organization's challenges.