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Business Strategy

There are many reasons why strategies frequently fail to meet their anticipated objectives: insufficient objectivity and creativity in assessing a business’s scope for differentiation, lack of flexibility to cope with industry uncertainties, taking incremental steps where more fundamental changes are required, not appreciating how competitors will respond, and poor execution during implementation.

We work with clients to address these and other challenges to develop and help implement powerful strategies that have a real and lasting impact. Our engagements cover a wide range of areas, including corporate portfolio strategy, business unit strategy, new business entry, M&A, and strategy process development. Examples of typical issues faced by our clients include:

  • Where should we look for opportunities during the economic downturn?
  • What is the optimal mix of businesses in our portfolio to meet our financial objectives?
  • How should we address the challenge of commoditization?
  • What will it take to double the size of our business in five years?
  • Does it make more sense to make an acquisition or to form an alliance?

Whatever the issue, we add value by combining leading approaches to strategy development with deep knowledge of the industry context and competitive environment. Our industry focus – covering chemicals and materials, energy, consumer products, and life sciences – ensures that we have the information and expertise to complement our clients’ knowledge base.
Rather than using standardized approaches, we tailor the work program to the specific needs of our clients, incorporating modular frameworks and tools as required. Robust financial analysis is always critical to selecting optimum strategies and supporting the business case. Most importantly, we emphasize close collaboration with client teams to ensure workable solutions and a seamless hand-over on completion of our work.